So you made a great resource and are ready to share it on your website, but you don’t want to give it away for free so you put it behind a form on a landing page to generate leads. However, you don’t want to turn away a lead with an ugly landing page. You can follow these six points to help you craft a quality landing page.

Concise, Action Oriented Headline

 What are you offering and why should someone read the rest of your landing page? Get the point quick. You have caught your users attention with a call to action, now it’s time to keep their attention.

Brief Description of Offer

The key here is to really sell yourself. Explain your offer and what value you are adding to the customer. Be sure to keep this description brief, you have kept the users attention this long don’t lose them now. Emphasize what you want your customers to focus on with bullets, numbers and bolding.

Relevant Visual Aides

For a customer quickly skimming over your landing page, a relevant image or video can communicate your offer a lot quicker thank your description can. Make sure you are using quality imagery here; you don’t want to turn off a customer with cheesy stock photos or videos.

Appropriate Form Length

What is considered an appropriate form length? Well that depends on what you’re offering the customer. As a general rule, the form of the landing page should mirror the value of the offer. If you are offering a basic one pager you will want to keep your form simple asking for a name and email. If you are offering something of more value, such as an industry benchmark study, you may ask for more in-depth information.

Remove Navigation Menu and Links

Keep your eye on the prize here. While it may be tempting to include navigation or links so a user can explore more of what you do, that is the exact opposite of what you want. The primary goal of the landing page is to generate a lead by having the customer fill out your form. Don’t distract them by giving them somewhere else to go.

Social Sharing Icons

 You made this awesome resource, now make it easy for your visitor to share how great it is with the world… Okay that is an over exaggeration, but at least make it easy for them to share with their networks by adding social sharing icons.