In these times when every dollar counts, I wanted to provide some actionable tips for writing better pay per click (PPC) ad copy …beyond the elementary hints that can be found almost anywhere on the Web.  They can be introduced – and hopefully remembered – using just three words:

Empathize, Identify, and Specify

B2B advertisers need to empathize with their buyer’s needs.

Users are searching because they must satisfy a need, or have a problem that needs solving.  Recalling our blog post “Is your website selling when it should be solving?”, marketers already have a general understanding (and God help them if they don’t!) of their buyers’ problems which their product solves.  So, leveraging that understanding…

Create ads that empathize with buyers by addressing the general problems that your product solves;  and have at least three versions of each such problem-solving ad.

B2B advertisers need to identify with their buyers.

Generally speaking, there are at least two types of buyers in an organization.  You’ve got the techie who thinks and searches in tech-speak;  this is the influencer in the organization, who’s generally active at the beginning of the buying process, sorting out whether your product does this or that.  Then there’s the business person who thinks more in terms of ROI, or ease of use, or saving or making more money.  It would be foolish not to address both of these audiences, so…

Have ads that speak to the different types of buyers in your target organization;  and again, create several versions of each.

B2B advertisers need to provide specifics for their buyers.

Probably your B2B is selling hardware, software, devices or maybe pharmaceuticals:  i.e., technical products that have specific capabilities, tolerances, dimensions, side effects.  Eventually, your buyer will spend significant time at this level before making a final purchase decision.  This is a marketer’s opportunity to shine, so…

Create ads that distinguish your company’s products from those of your competitors, by highlighting how they differ – in terms of real specifics.

All of this should be relatively easy for most marketers.  What’s difficult is doing it within the PPC confines of 95 characters, with targeted keywords and calls to action.  But by following these tips, one’s quality website visits should increase exponentially.

Never forget, though:  the best ads can never be determined in advance;  they reveal themselves only by testing better than alternative versions.  These 3 tips will help put your ads “in the zone”;  but you still need to test to separate the best from the merely good.

Your search marketing consultants will be able to help you fine-tune your PPC campaign.