When it comes to marketing there are so many outlets and not enough resources to explore each avenue it seems. We juggle social media, paid search, email campaigns, and all the traditional forms of marketing that still play a role today. One thing that can’t be denied is the power of commanding images to drive your marketing message. One of the most powerful is the infographic, in fact, 45% more users will click on a link if it features an infographic.

Can I make infographics without a design resource? While an in house designer or contracted one can be useful there are tons of easy infographic tools out there to leverage without any design software at all and hopefully not eat up too much of your time.

Check them out:

easy online infographics


1.) Venngage:

Venngage is a free platform & easy infographic tool for quick and easy visuals for specifically small businesses. However, any over run marketing manager can easily pop in and whip up a stellar visual for a social media or email campaign.

Pros: Sign up is easy, pre-determined templates, great UX

Cons: Cannot download image or create interactive infographic without premium version

2.) Canva:

We have raved about Canva before and most likely will again. For anyone with a brown design thumb but the need for great images for their blogs or social media posts Canva is a great choice. They also have introduced free infographic templates alongside their other template offerings. Marketers rejoice!

Pros: Can create images and infographics, rich well-done graphics, option to buy images a la carte as you need or sign up for a premium account.

Cons: Many images are at a cost

3.) Infogr.am:

Infogr.am is yet another easy to use web tool for creating charts and infographics using your company’s data. The tool boasts of creating over 2 million graphics from top companies and institutions.

Pros: Easy to use, inexpensive monthly rates, leader in infographics for big business

Cons: The free plan is limited to 10 infographics, 10 uploaded images, no private sharing and no downloads or live connections.

4.) Easel.ly

Easel.ly is definitely easy! For those with a serious time crunch just a couple clicks will create an infographic for quick posting or on the fly promotion.

Pros: Free version, Allows downloads & sharing, Pro account inexpensive

Cons: Some templates are great others look basic

There are free and paid versions for all of these easy infographic tools. We suggest trying them all and picking and choosing which one you find the easiest to use.