There’s A Lot You Need To Know About Your Website

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Experience Matters

The free website audit was created and is conducted by development, security, marketing and analytics experts within emagine. We’re the most experienced Digital Agency you’ll find – with 22 years of experience in developing, optimizing, and supporting websites.

Website Health Matter

Despite the tireless effort and financial investment that goes into building a website, our research has shown that 8 out of 10 companies don’t know how their website is performing beyond what the naked eye can see.

There’s an immense amount of data related to your website’s health and performance, although in most organizations, no one is paying attention to the data or even know it exists. The problem with the “out of sight, out of mind” M.O. is that there are some folks that are paying a lot of attention to this information.

Google and Bing are not the only ones looking at your website. Hackers, mobile users, your global audiences, and even users with disabilities all need to be able to access your website easily and effortlessly.

Your website needs to be in good health so users can find it in search, digest your content, and convert into customers and tangible ROI.

Items We’ll Examine in the Website Audit

We’ll examine several factors to determine how secure (or vulnerable) your website is including SSL, logins, plugin vulnerabilities, and your forms.

A 10-point audit including factors related to site speed, caching, image optimization and desktop vs. mobile performance.

We’ll look at redirects, use of iFrames, internal and external broken links, orphaned URLs as well as health and quantity of backlinks.

On-Page SEO
We’ll look at sample content to see how closely it adheres to current SEO best practices such as content quality, Semantic HTML5 header usage, and keyword usage.

International SEO
We’ll examine factors such as values and conflicts, language mismatches and missing attributes.

We’ll look at the alt text for images, anchor text on links, color/contrast and semantic HTML5 subheader usage.