Your manufacturing website has readily accessible information on your company, products and services, you’re active on the appropriate social media networks, and you’ve included monthly e-newsletters to your current and potential clients. So why the big fuss over adding videos to your marketing mix?

For manufacturers, leveraging video into your marketing strategy is not only a powerful way to both offer engaging content and improve brand awareness, but according to CMI’s B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing Report, video is also the most used tactic by manufacturing marketers in 2015. The process may seem daunting from the outside, but leveraging video marketing into your manufacturing company’s strategy doesn’t have to be as difficult or time-consuming as you might imagine.

3 Types of Videos That Will Help Your Marketing Strategy

1) Trade show or in-person event

While video ranks as the most used content marketing tactic, in-person events still comes out on top as the most effective tactic for manufacturers. Most companies in this industry are used to taking part in large trade shows and conferences, using large visuals and print materials to educate and entice the large mass of event attendees. You can use the same approach with video marketing! Boost your brand’s awareness by including an interactive video that highlights the critical information you provide in your brochures and product pages on your booth. Take it one step further and include a quick live-stream of the event from your perspective so those keeping tabs on the event on social media will have a chance to see you, too!

2) Product launch

When crafting potential ideas that you want to create branded videos for, it may seem like a no-brainer to include your products and services. But, the potential customers that you are looking to attract with your videos are searching for content related to how your product is different from the rest. Instead of focusing on putting a pretty face on your product, focus on answering the questions that your audiences are asking online. Provide empathy by sharing the story behind the solutions or interview those who worked directly in bringing this product or service to life.

3) Customer Success Stories

As more people find, buy and successfully use your products, you are left with loads of internal data at your disposal – starting with those who have already done business with you. What better way to convey trust than with those who already trust your products and services? Like most businesses, you may have a few different audiences that you are targeting. Show how versatile your product is by showcasing success stories from clients across the various industries you serve or how unique it is with the specifics to a certain industry.

The Takeaway

You’ve filmed and edited your new videos and you’re ready to publish and promote, right? Not so quick. In order for your targeted users to find these awesome videos, you need to make sure they are properly optimized and distributed through all platforms.