While emagine does develop websites on a variety of CMS platforms, we primarily use WordPress as our platform of choice. There are several reasons why we defer to what is often thought of as a blog-only CMS platform:

Initially there was no platform that we found robust enough, secure enough, easy for our clients to use, etc.  So, we developed our own CMS (called EZedit).  Time passed and we listened to what was going on in the B2B space and we listened to what our clients were demanding to dictate out next steps – which were to utilize WordPress for new projects – about 18 months – 2 years ago.

WordPress used to be thought of a as just a blogging platform. Not anymore. True – WordPress still is the most popular blogging platform, but it is also much more than that. Thanks to its broad community base, it has grown to become a capable CMS that can power just about any kind of website.

Even though Joomla, Drupal, Magento and other open source CMSs are just as powerful, why do we think our clients best option is WordPress?  AND, why should you use a CMS to build your website?

Here are some reasons why WordPress is the most popular web content management system, with a CMS market share of almost 60% as of July 2013.

That’s about 15% of all the websites on the internet:

Easy to use

WordPress’ rise to the top of web development software and its biggest advantage is mostly because of its ease of use. You don’t need to understand a line of HTML or PHP to maintain your site. You can easily add content, make changes and support yourself only to rely on eMagine for major changes to your site.  The admin interface, compared to Drupal and Joomla, is far less cluttered and everything just looks straightforward. It makes it easy for anyone who’s not had any experience with the web in order to get up to speed. If you can use Microsoft Office, you can probably begin using WordPress straightaway!

Large developer community

WordPress is open-source and has a large developer community around that is always working to improve its core with new features and patches. This means you do not have to be tied to one firm.  You could do a google search and find tens of thousands of WordPress developers. Although we would hope you would consider eMagine first.

Flexible and extensible

With standard plugins and eMagine’s own proprietary plugins, we can extend WordPress to accomplish more. WordPress can grow with your company needs.  WordPress has the most safe, secure plugins that you can easily integrate for just about any kind of functionality.

Smooth blogging experience

WordPress began primarily as a blogging tool. It has grown over the years to become more powerful, but still, its easy implementation for blogging means that it leads the pack by a great distance. Well-known websites that use WordPress for their blogs include CNN blogs, NY Times blogs and People Magazine.


You’ve probably heard that search engines love WordPress. With its SEO-friendly URLs and compatible page design –  it just makes sense!

It is always useful to understand how top websites use technology in order to provide all of us with some interesting places to build from. Of course while we can’t always say the “crowd” is always right, often the wisdom of the crowd in terms of technology choices is a good bet.


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