If you read our latest post on PPC advertising, you know that the B2B tech industry is astoundingly competitive when it comes to search engine marketing. The same is true for B2B techs in the world of search engine optimization. Often, in an effort to try and flood the Internet with information to attempt to boost SEO and drive more traffic, companies are confusing quantity with quality.

When you implement search engine optimization tactics correctly, you’ll help your site show up more in relevant searches. With the competitiveness of B2B tech, SEO has to be a priority in your marketing strategy. So how do you strike the balance between quality and quantity? Don’t do away with either,  rather, marry them together to create the perfect SEO content mix.

How to achieve the perfect SEO content mix in B2B tech

Research the competition

Look towards the competition to see what topics are being covered by other Techs as well as the frequency. Select competitors that are producing engaging content and are excelling in this realm. This will inspire both your cadence and strategy around subject matter and help you differentiate your business.

Create an editorial calendar

Don’t let this marketing term scare you. An editorial calendar is a simple and effective way to show you the bigger picture for your content strategy while keeping you on track to meet your goals. For each piece of content, include the: target publish date, topic/subject line, persona you are targeting, SEO keywords and the published link for future reference.

Focus on assets that add value

This is where “quality + quantity” reigns and where you can truly impact SEO. We recommend 2-3 blogs per week with 300-350 words minimum as a best practice. If you’re light on copy or topics, get creative! You can share a video or content and write a short 100-150-word description on why you found it impactful. Publish at least one asset a month ensuring you focus on the value you’re providing your audience. In a time of skimmers and time-strapped individuals, you have to accurately convey the value of your assets to gain their attention and time.

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