Over and over again I hear our B2B clients and others tell us they want to use a CMS provider for their website that is not only powerful but also easy to use. While there are many platforms companies can use, like Drupal and Joomla… over and over again, I find our developers praising WordPress. As eMagine’s Marketing Manager, I wanted to know, why WordPress? To find out, I reached out to our Technical Director, Christian, for some answers. Here’s what he had to say…

Why WordPress?

At eMagine, our web developers aren’t just any web developers, they are Advanced WordPress developers – experts, if we do say so ourselves. We believe in custom tailoring WordPress for our clients, focusing on creating a final product that is intuitive and unique to each and every client, because that’s exactly what WordPress allows us to do. No matter how big or small the website job is, we are able to create a custom site that will never look or feel generic – making it the most efficient CMS for even the biggest B2B company out there.

“On the occasions that I need to sell a potential client on WordPress, I always talk about its flexibility and how eMagine (through WordPress) tailors the CMS experience to our client’s needs.  The focus is using WordPress as a tool to mold around the client vs. a solution to corner the client into.” – Christian Nolen, Technical Director at eMagine

With the flexibility that WordPress offers, our developers are able to create a backend that is not only user friendly to the client, but is also unique and custom to their goals and needs.

But How?

There are a lot of things within WordPress that allow us to achieve this outcome:

  • Excellent documentation provided by the WordPress Codex.  Anytime there is a question on the best way to execute an enhancement, the Codex provides insight into the various functions hooks and filters available.
  • The WordPress Support Forum. This resource always gives us a breath of fresh air when we find ourselves stuck. The Support Forum has an unlimited amount of topics and discussions that help us solve any problem, or find others who are dealing with the same issues.
  • WordPress allows us to easily tailor the administration to our clients’ needs. When a website project is complete, we want to make sure our clients are able to go in through the backend and fix any issues or upload any additional content on their own. This allows the client to feel empowered because they know what is actually going on with their site and understand they won’t be stuck with any super technical issues.

The best part: it’s SEO friendly and integrates with other necessary tools for B2B’s like CRMs such as Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and SugarCRM.

Have you had the opportunity to experience all the custom functionalities WordPress has to offer? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!