Powering over 27% of the web and owning nearly 60% of the market share with 74M websites, the prominence WordPress has garnered can’t begin to compare to other Content Management Systems like Joomla, Drupal, SiteCore CMS, Ektron.

Not only has WordPress gained popularity in general, but it also continues to earn the trust and satisfaction from large, enterprise companies (Bravo, WordPress!)

Once perceived as an amateur blogging tool, WordPress has garnered the attention from mid-sized to large enterprise organizations alike as a secure, scalable, user-friendly and flexible solution to manage their corporate website.

Covering every single way WordPress is becoming more and more appealing to enterprise companies in one post is downright crazy (how much time do you have?) so we’ll be following up next week with Part 2 to talk about WordPress as a scalable CMS that allows your website to grow with the company.

One thing about web security we can all agree on is – without proper updates and monitoring, any CMS is at risk of security threats. If you’re a publicly-traded, enterprise company there’s no chance you’re going to risk compromising your data. And we’re 100% with you on that one.

Governed by a team of core lead developers, trusted and veteran contributors work together to strengthen the core codebase. Contributors evaluate code, provide feedback on latest version releases, report bugs/issues and assist with critical fixes. These activities cultivate a stable and secure platform.

Did You Know – 55% of hacked WordPress websites recorded outdated version installations 

In addition to the processes and precautions, WordPress has in place, there ways to add another layer of defense to protect against a potential threat. Here’s how:

•  Properly vet and install plugins
•  Adhere to current coding standards
•  Implement additional layers of defense and security enhancements
•  Responsibly upgrade to the latest stable version release

If you’re a marketer who knows WordPress is the right CMS to enhance your online presence to support business growth, but haven’t found the right partner to protect your website and ensure its security – let’s talk.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our WordPress for the Enterprise series on scalability coming up next week!