Working at emagine

We’re growing and looking for top-tier web design and digital marketing talent. As a fully dispersed workplace, we are always seeking to strike that perfect workplace balance of “flexible structure”, we encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and for every team member to truly own their position. 

Who is emagine?

emagine is the Digital-First Agency for Healthcare and Life Sciences. 

We’re a team of 50+ individuals located across the U.S.  with a passion for health. Our clients are saving, extending and improving lives – and we’re connecting them to the patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals who need them. With 25+ years of experience working with 2,000+ brands, we’re one of the most experienced teams in Digital-First marketing for the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

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Authentic people

At emagine we bring our whole selves to work, which is why our clients love working closely with our team: we aren’t afraid to share our personalities both  internally and externally. As colleagues we care deeply about one another, and we are a close-knit organization. Our culture is designed to allow employees to work hard and enjoy their personal lives, with flexibility in working patterns and benefits that improve our well-being.   We have a family friendly culture, and in our downtime we love to chat with one another about our pets, families, DIY-projects, favorite music, and food. 

Where we are

emagine is a fully distributed company – many of us are based in southern New England, but we welcome employees from all over the US.


Passion for Health –  As a healthcare facing agency, we believe our clients are heroes and we are honored to bring visibility to their life-saving work.. Our passion for health extends to the well-being of our employees, with a yearly reimbursement for healthcare related expenses. Healthy employees make for a healthy organization. 

Client-First – At  emagine, we know the clients needs come first, but we aren’t afraid to use our expert knowledge to consult and help clients make the right decisions. We make decisions based on data and user testing to build websites and marketing campaigns that aren’t just what our clients  want, but what data has proven that they need. 

Problem Solvers – Our team shares a common love of rolling up our sleeves and problem solving – we do what it takes to investigate and get to the bottom of anything that comes our way. Our culture empowers employees to make decisions and take action without bottlenecks or hoops to jump through.

Spirit of Volunteerism – Our employees are generous with their time and energy. The Special Olympics is especially near and dear to our hearts, and our team members have previously participated as volunteers in Special Olympics events. We also select a charity each month to receive a donation from emagine, from a collected list of our employee’s favorite charities. 

Communication – Communication is so important as a distributed company. At emagine we make no assumptions, stay transparent, help each other succeed, and hold each other accountable to reach project goals. 

Empowerment  – We encourage creativity among team members and doing what it takes to get it done right for the client. We meet regularly to improve our process and discuss what new ideas have been working and what former processes no longer serve us – we are all empowered to take lead on projects and collaborate on company-wide improvement

Celebration & Recognition – Recognition is a cornerstone of the emagine experience – we participate in hey!taco rewards to give kudos to our coworkers for a job well done on a daily basis, and celebrate employee’s personal milestones such as weddings, new children, new homes, and birthdays. 



Our production department oversees the development of new websites from concept to launch. We are strategists, UX experts, designers, developers, QA engineers, and project managers. 


Our creative department is passionate about our client’s brands. From branding, logo creation, video, animation, photography, and web design, our creatives  are true visionaries in the healthcare space. 

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing team does it all to optimize our client’s sites for the web. We are SEO strategists, PPC strategists, social media experts, and copywriters. 

Ongoing Client Services

Ongoing Client Services at emagine nurtures the health and security  of our clients websites for years to come. With dedicated project management, hosting experts, and developers, our OCS team is cheerful and quick to respond to any client need.


Our sales team is a group  of friendly account managers and relationship builders, experts in healthcare and digital marketing.  We passionately analyze  the amazing trends in the healthcare industry. Our clients are saving lives, and we strive to recommend projects to amplify their message.

Perks and Benefits

  • Opportunity to collaboratively work with top-tier talent
  • A “family-like” environment will make you feel at home from your first day
  • No micromanaging or breathing down your neck
  • A culture of trust, appreciation for one another, and respect
  • A company that recognizes that work can’t always be fun, but strives every day to keep it fun and enjoyable
  • On the job training and development
  • Medical and Dental insurance
  • 401(k) with match
  • Graduated PTO/Vacation Policy
  • Professional Development reimbursement
  • Employee referral incentive
  • “HeyTaco” app on Slack allows employees to give thanks, praise and accolades to coworkers and cashed in for rewards or donated to charity
  • Competitive salary
  • Fitness/Wellness Reimbursement
  • Paid vacation
  • Personal days
  • Opportunity to give back to the community
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Open Positions