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Worth doing right.

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That final bit of polish

Considering the time and resources invested into a website, even a small bug can be an extreme annoyance and a potential delay.

Any issue — no matter how minor — reflect on you as the person charged with finishing the website project the right way. More importantly, the quality of your website is reflective of the quality of your company, your brand, and your offerings.

Our clients entrust us with critical digital marketing projects, and we want them to feel completely confident that we’ll make them look great. The Quality Assurance (QA) portion of your website project ensures that our respective teams are completely satisfied with the final website we’ve created together, and comfortable releasing it to the public as a finished, polished product.

Our Quality Assurance approach

Individual Self-Check
Each department at emagine has a specific series of checklists in place to ensure their part of the website is worthy of client review.

Global Site Review
Beyond these self-reviews, a Quality Assurance Manager completes a thorough review of the website from top to bottom, in multiple browsers and on various device sizes. This review allows for a fresh set of eyes to look at the website and catch anything before getting it into your hands to review.

Client Review
You’ll have the chance to explore your new website in our staging environment, noting any functional or visual bugs or inconsistencies. We use in-browser tools for quick, simple, and manageable bug tracking, so you’ll always have visibility into what’s been logged and what’s been fixed.

Pre-Launch QA
This final check — typically completed the day before your desired launch date — ensures that we’re in a great place to officially launch the site in its final hosting environment.

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Quality is never an afterthought

It’s easy to assume that any web design and development agency has thorough quality assurance procedures in place.

Your website shouldn’t see the light of day until it’s been fully vetted. We consider QA a critical piece of your project, not an afterthought, and that’s why we’ve built it into our proven web design and development process.

Let's test it

At emagine, a website project is a stepping stone to a lasting client relationship. Those relationships are built on clients trusting in our ability to consistently deliver polished, fully-tested work that is worthy of their name. Let’s talk about how we can help you deliver your next high-quality website or digital marketing project.

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