Social Media Marketing

Target the right people on the right platform with the right message.

A critical ingredient in your marketing mix

One of the biggest barriers holding marketers back from investing in social media marketing is uncertainty:
  • Which platforms should I be using?
  • How often should I post?
  • Do I need a new hire to handle this?
  • Is paid social advertising effective?
  • How do I measure ROI?

Social media marketing is much more than the occasional, random tweet or status update. There’s real work to be done, but an effective social media strategy and follow-through can generate measurable traffic to your website.

That’s where we come in. Our Social Media Strategists will work with you to develop a detailed and tailored plan according to your business’ priorities, goals and strengths.

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Social media marketers at computers.

Comprehensive social media consultation and optimization

By harnessing the real-time marketing potential of social media, we can help you connect with your audience on any social network: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

A network-by-network assessment will look at:

  • Assessing your current strategy and presence
  • Best practices training
  • Building your social presence
  • Social media 101 basics
  • Posting strategies and content suggestions
  • Branding your social networks
  • Ongoing social media consulting and reporting

Social media advertising

Outside of crafting the perfect content for your chosen platforms, our clients have seen great success leveraging paid social media advertising. No matter which social media platform is the right one for you – LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook –  our team can help:

  • Audit your existing social media account and any historical data
  • Select the right targeting options for ads and content
  • Create reusable templates for quick and easy content creation
  • Manage social media advertising campaigns and track performance

Let’s talk social

Now more than ever, your audience will notice if you’re not engaging with them on the right platforms. If you don’t meet them where they are, your competitors will. We can help you craft a sustainable, productive and effective social media marketing strategy. Like the social platforms themselves, it all starts with a conversation.

Let's Talk