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Understanding your audience is a fundamental component of any marketing effort.

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Who is your website for?

Website redesign conversations tend to begin with “we/our” statements.
  • “We need to showcase our OfferingX more”
  • “We need to share our news”
  • “We need to promote our event”
  • “We need to convey our innovation”

A website that focuses more on what your company wants to say (as opposed to what your audience needs to hear) is destined for failure.

You are not the primary audience

Obviously, you should be happy with your website, and the way it portrays your brand and message.

But, is your website content focused on what your leadership team wants? Or does it appeal to the needs and wants of your actual audience: the end users? A website that delivers real ROI to your business puts user needs and challenges first. It’s the only way you’ll make the right content available at the right time. The fortunate side-effect of a user-centric approach is that a website built to help users achieve their goals will almost always help you achieve yours.

Discover your users

Any project you undertake with us begins with a thorough discovery process intended to teach us as much as possible about your end users.
  • What are their roles? (Job titles and responsibilities)
  • What are they seeking to accomplish?
  • What industry are they in?
  • What state of mind are they in?
  • What are their fears, concerns, hesitations?
  • What does their boss and executive leadership team care about?

We answer these questions by talking with you, your business development and sales teams, other subject matter experts, and — whenever possible — your clients and customers.

It’s this discovery process that allows us to make intelligent decisions on what matters most to the end user and the content we need to deliver. This content serves as the foundation for every decision we ultimately need to make for the website.

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A user-centric process

What are the outcomes and deliverables from our in-depth user discovery?

Site Architecture (Site Map)
The site architecture details the sections, pages, and subpages of your website. A focus on simplicity and clarity enables the most intuitive means to access available website content. It will also act as a checklist for content development.

Page Wireframes
Key pages of your website (persona pages, services, products, solutions, about) are planned with loose wireframes. These bare-boned sketches provide guidance on the layout of a page, space allocation and content prioritization. Wireframes also serve as templates to help guide your copywriting.

Call-to-Action (CTA) Strategy
To engage users and generate leads you need to give users ways to reach out to you. Whether it’s a download, a trial, a consultation, or simply a chance to connect with a human being, your website needs an enticing offer that warrants the user sharing their precious contact information. We’ll share how to strategically craft CTAs and leverage them in the appropriate places throughout your site.

Content Development Workshop
This hour-long workshop teaches the tricks and tips to writing effective web copy that engages users and search engines. We’ll review:

  • tone and language
  • writing process
  • content structure, style and usability
  • SEO best practices
  • and content delivery

…all with the singular goal of making you feel comfortable writing your new website copy. A sample writing exercise lets you test your new skills and get valuable feedback before digging in to write the rest of the content.

User-centric = ROI-centric

Taking the time to fully understand your prospective audience will pay dividends beyond just the development of your website.

Those insights will make you a better business and better marketers. We’ve taught user-centric thinking to hundreds of clients, and we’d love to show you just how easy it can be.

Let us put you first

We’ve taught user-centric thinking to hundreds of clients. Plus, we follow a user-centric philosophy ourselves, and we’d love to show you just how easy it can be. Let’s discuss how we can help you put your audience first and turn your website into a true lead generation engine.

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