The patient experience begins the moment they begin searching for answers.

Compassion should be your healthcare website's first takeaway.

The takeaway from your first impression should be Compassion

Whether you’re a hospital or healthcare system, treatment center or insurance provider, the ease of patients or caregivers finding and browsing your content is critical.

This particular audience may be under remarkable stress, and if digging through your site is going to unearth more frustration than assistance, they’re going to leave.

We wanted an agency whose vision aligned with our own, who could think outside the box and bring a fresh approach to our website. The emagine team was undoubtedly the absolute perfect choice to deliver our new Barrow site and has been such a terrific partner in this endeavor.

Andrew Wachtel, Digital Marketing + Strategy Analyst Barrow Neurological Institute

Does your healthcare digital presence need to…

  • Speak confidently and appropriately to physician, patient and/or administrative audiences?
  • Include a plan that accounts for one (or many) rounds of regulatory review?
  • Express volumes of content in a clear and easily-digestible way?
  • Upgrade and modernize your knowledge of more traditional marketing tactics?

These are just a handful of the unique challenges presented in the healthcare space. You need to feel comfortable that your digital marketing partner has walked this road before, and will be there to guide you through the various nuances and “speed bumps” of this very sensitive market.

Desktop and mobile designs for Barrow Neurological Institute

How we can help

Some common problems we solve:
  • Find a Physician/Location
  • Robust search by disease/condition/symptom/treatment
  • Patient education
  • Requesting an appointment
  • Physician review integration
  • Fundraising/Donation e-Commerce
  • Calendar of courses/events
  • Secure forms
  • Resource Center for patient education

Let’s discuss your project

Our team can differentiate you online while still providing the functional experiences that are expected in your space. We’ll look to push your creative limits while still conveying the value of your services, research, patient care and education with crystal clarity.

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