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Technical expertise for a sustainable web presence

Our clients (and their technology teams) typically have a few primary questions regarding the platforms and technical practices we use:
  • Will my website be safe and secure?
  • What will performance and speed look like a year from now? 2 or 3 years from now?
  • How easy will it be to maintain my site and edit the content?
  • Will my site integrate with other systems we rely on?

Our clients feel comfortable in knowing that we address these critical topics as part of our process and approach to the work we do. The choices we make when it comes to our platform and security practices are based on delivering the best long-term solution for your website.  

Enterprise WordPress Experts

Years ago, WordPress was a mere blogging tool. Today, WordPress is enterprise-grade.

From Healthcare to Fortune 100 companies – we’ve got the work and satisfied clients to prove it. WordPress is a secure, sustainable, scalable, flexible and usable enterprise Content Management System that can meet (and exceed) the standards for your next website.

Read more about how WordPress excels as an enterprise Content Management System.

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WordPress websites are serious about security.

Security as a priority

You can build a website that looks great from the outside, but the way it’s coded might make it hard to maintain. Much worse, the way it’s coded can make it a security risk.

At emagine, WordPress security is paramount. We stay up-to-date with proven technologies and we adopt processes that ensure a secure, well documented and standards driven codebase. 

Learn more about our web security methodology here.

3rd-party integrations – connecting to your critical systems

Your company probably relies on a few systems that live outside of your website.

These could be Customer Relationship Management software, HR management services, Investor Relations providers, or Marketing Automation systems.

Read more about how your site can be a seamless link between these disparate pieces of functionality.

3rd-party integrations

Need further convincing? Take a peek under the hood.

If you’re interested in seeing how WordPress can be used to provide a rock-solid foundation for your next website project, we’d be happy to give you a tour. One of our content engineers will walk you through all the features and functionality you’ll learn to love in WordPress. Get in touch with us today to schedule your demo.

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