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Tracking performance for continued success.

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Prove progress and ROI

Website reporting and website analysis are two different things. Reporting gives the numbers and analysis takes it a step further to interpret what those numbers mean.

With emagine, you’ll get both, plus well-informed recommendations for improvements.

The overall health of your website and online presence is our priority, so a holistic approach is how we help our clients track performance for continued success. Not sure about website tracking best practices or implementation of tracking code? Let us take it from here.

Custom reporting

Our reports uncover the metrics you need to define your successes, and show where you need to improve.

These custom reports created using data from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools include:

  • Traffic overview
  • Organic traffic overview
  • Top landing pages
  • Visitor traffic summary
  • Exit pages
  • Website crawl diagnostics
  • Competitive metrics
  • Search engine rankings for target keywords
  • Additional custom dashboard reports to represent target KPI data

Data analysis

We’re often asked “what does this data mean?”

Having the numbers available is only part of the job; it takes critical analysis and experience to leverage those simple stats as a guide for actionable, measurable change.

Unlike most other agencies, our website reporting is strongly focused on analysis and collaborative strategy — custom reports aren’t simply sent in an email. Instead, we peel back the layers to help you understand user behavior and adjustments that might need to be made.

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Strategic recommendations

The relationships we form with our clients are paramount to their continued success.

Constant communication, interaction and transparency lets us do what we love: provide actionable, strategic insights.

On regularly scheduled calls we’ll review your custom reports, our analysis and discuss recommendations to improve your website’s UX, key page stats, search engine rankings, and content performance.

Launching a website without a plan for ongoing analysis and improvement is like planting a garden and never checking in on it: you’ll never know what return you get on your efforts, and won’t know what’s thriving (or failing).

Monitor, measure, and improve

Ongoing measurement and action are critical pieces of your website’s success. Talk to one of our digital marketing experts today to make sure you have a solid plan to move forward.

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