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Keep everyone happy with measurable ROI

Your schedule is full, you’ve got a tiny marketing team (is one person still a “team”?), and extra time to work on a new web presence really isn’t in the cards.

Sound familiar? 66% of tech marketers don’t feel like they have sufficient resources for digital marketing success.

But, effective marketing strategies take time and planning. Perhaps more than any other industry, you need a partner you can trust to take the ball and run with it — ensuring a happy CEO when the project’s done, of course.

Does your high-tech digital marketing project need to…

  • Speak to both technology-minded influencers and less tech-savvy decision makers?
  • Account for a pending or in-progress rebranding or acquisition?
  • Present a novel new product to the world?
  • More effectively qualify leads for your sales team?
  • Keep your in-house IT/technical teams happy by ensuring a secure, stable deliverable?

Tech companies, more than any other industry, understand the critical need to keep things fresh, despite what can feel like crippling resource shortages.

Choosing the right website and digital marketing partner means choosing someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry, will learn the nuances of your company, and help you clearly convey your unique value to your audience.

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How emagine can help

Our high-tech clients benefit the most from:
  • User interviews that help inform and drive smarter marketing decisions
  • Navigation that clearly lays out a mix of “products,” “solutions,” and “platforms”
  • Content strategy that enables technical conversation without dry or unengaging copy
  • Integration with 3rd-party services for marketing automation, investor relations, careers, CRM, form tools and more.

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Experience matters – and when it comes to creating high-performing website design and digital marketing strategies for High-Tech companies, nobody has more of it than emagine. Browse our work and reach out to us to discuss your online presence.

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Shouldn’t you (and your boss) feel totally at ease with your choice of a digital marketing partner? Shouldn’t new marketing initiatives just “fit” into your bursting schedule? We’re here to show you that they can. You can have the digital experience you need to properly promote yourself to your target markets. Let’s talk about how we get it done.

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