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Custom SEO founded on proven principles

While our Search Engine Optimization strategies are based on proven tactics, we customize each of our client’s SEO strategies to achieve your unique marketing goals. We also consider individual opportunities, circumstances, and constraints in your industry.

Our Search Engine Optimization Strategists follow Google’s best practices to not only optimize your website, but to provide consulting and guidance on all aspects of your digital marketing efforts. With a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm and experience in a variety of industries, our team is able to work with you to improve your search engine visibility and create new opportunities with your target prospects.

And with over twenty years of B2B and Healthcare SEO experience, we can utilize our wealth of knowledge to provide our clients with the right advice — without a learning curve.  

Pragmatic SEO for long-term relationships

There’s no riskier, more misunderstood, over-promised/under-delivered aspect of Digital Marketing than SEO.

Our approach can be best summed up in one word: pragmatic. It’s not about proprietary techniques or software or unproven “secret” tactics.

SEO is marketing. Marketing that requires a relentless commitment – to the ever-changing algorithms, to perpetual content development and constant testing and reporting

Our tight-knit, long-term client relationships are somewhat of a rarity in an industry largely filled with snake oil. What drives those relationships? Our down-to-earth, personalized approach to understanding our client’s business and managing their account.

To us, client communication means scheduled, frequent status meetings and clients knowing they can pick up the phone when they have a question or concern – not merely sending complex charts, graphs and spreadsheets…although we have those too.

Your Google-Certified partner

As a certified Google Partner, we are skilled in the planning and implementation of a variety of SEO best practices on your website in order to set you on the right track for optimized visibility in the search engines.

You’ll benefit from our exclusive access to Google events and trainings as our SEO Strategists stay up to date on the most recent SEO news. With these insights, we plan and implement individualized SEO strategies to help you gain visibility in search engines.

Every member of our team holds a Google Analytics IQ certification and most hold multiple Google Adwords certifications.

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Complete best practice website optimization

Our SEO process always begins with the initial optimization of a website, which we call our SEO Best Practice engagement.

Our SEO experts will work closely with you as an extension of your marketing team to gain a deep knowledge of your goals and objectives. We want to understand your goals as they relate to your online presence but also your overarching business goals.

SEO success with emagine is achieved by:

  • Constant communication
  • A tried and true process with clear deliverables
  • In-depth research and
  • Strategic implementation

We’ll perform a comprehensive analysis of your current website’s ranking power and provide insights, recommendations and solutions.

Performance reporting, consulting and management

Digital marketing is a dynamic field influenced by a variety of factors, and constant monitoring is key. From tracking and reporting to tweaking and refining your strategy, we’re ready support you for the long haul.

When you begin your ongoing SEO work with emagine, you’ll continue the journey with your dedicated SEO Strategist that worked on your SEO Best Practice for continuous consultation, improvement recommendations, monitoring and reporting. 

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