You understand the importance of building a great product.

Web design and digital marketing solutions for manufacturing

The piece of your process you didn’t know was missing

  • “We’ve got all the clients we’re going to get.”
  • “A website isn’t worth the money, because it doesn’t drive business.”
  • “We’ve never seen good results from digital marketing.”

Each of those statements might be completely true. But, that doesn’t mean that each of them isn’t also completely fixable with the right approach. Consider your past tactics, strategies or even partners and the effectiveness of each.

Digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective means of getting new business, and it can work in the manufacturing space. Think about it: What is the lifetime value of a customer? How much does a website cost? A great website can drive business growth.

Do you need help with…

  • Presenting complex and highly-technical product data?
  • Delivering a new website with an already-full plate?
  • Convincing leadership that a new website will deliver measurable ROI?
  • Attracting qualified leads for your sales team?
  • Getting up to speed with modern digital marketing?
Desktop and mobile layouts for Dynasil.

How emagine helps

Common solutions for manufacturing companies:
  • Strategic re-architecture of complex product portfolio for an intuitive navigation structure
  • Transfer existing product data to ease content development efforts
  • Search engine optimization for a large number of products
  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Training session on best practices for writing for the web to ensure an engaging experience

The right partner

The right web design and digital marketing partner is a critical part to seeing real results from a website project.

You need someone who has the experience, understands your industry-specific needs and challenges, and can do the heavy lifting while you attend to your day-to-day responsibilities.

Sawyer, a leading product of our digital marketing client Rethink Robotics, works an assembly line.

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Experience matters – and when it comes to creating high-performing website design and digital marketing strategies for Manufacturing companies, nobody has more of it than emagine. Browse our work and reach out to us to discuss your online presence.

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