Creative Design

94% of a website user’s first impressions are design-related.

Medpace Biotech web design on multiple displays.

The best paint job won’t fix a cracked foundation

We thoroughly subscribe to the philosophy of form follows function.
  • Function = User Experience (UX): how it works
  • Form = User Interface (UI): how it looks

We’ll give you the best of both worlds, and show how they can coexist beautifully.

Creative that acknowledges your goals

We’re creative folks. Selfishly, we’d love to have all our clients look like the coolest kid on the block. But, that might not be right for you.
  • You may be a startup trying to fit in with more established competitors, so “standing out” might be too much.
  • Maybe you’re a hospital that needs to present empathy and compassion, and provide a calming experience for a stressed audience.
  • Perhaps your website is more of a tool than a brochure, and quick, clear utility trumps a flashy facade.

Creative that understands the nuances of your business

Your web design partner should take note of your goals, preferences and requirements. It’s key to understand the nuances of your business and audience precedes any talk of colors, fonts, or imagery.

(PS: if you are looking to stand out and put forth a bold new face, we’re super excited to get you there!)

emagine web design meeting

Tactics over trends

Design trends change constantly and quickly, particularly on the web where technology evolves every day.

Our goal is to create a modern design that leverages the latest-and-greatest technology and trends where appropriate, but leans more heavily on proven best practices, and timeless design principles that won’t leave your website looking dated 6 months post-launch.

How we do it

Understanding your brand
Our first step is discovery into your brand and personality. You may have an existing style guide, or the new website might be the driving force behind a brand facelift. In either case, we consider the goals, personality and established flavor of your organization, and ensure your website and any visual assets we create portray your brand accurately.

Giving you options
The first creative deliverable will be 3 unique design concepts for your new homepage, offering a wide view of how your brand and content could be presented. These often range from a fairly conservative look and feel, to more “edgy” options that would help you stand out from the competition.

Your design toolkit
Once the look-and-feel is approved, we’ll move ahead designing the other elements of your website, all of which will feel like part of one cohesive family.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a prerequisite for all of our websites, allowing them to respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation.  

RWD isn’t just about accommodating different screen resolutions and resizing images. It’s about holistically evaluating design and content needs based on context, device, and environment.

The million dollar question

Are you putting your best face forward?

Whether your design goals require a minor nip/tuck or a complete overhaul, we’d love to be involved in bringing that fresh face to life. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve designed hundreds of visually engaging (and engagement-inspiring) experiences for our clients.

Let's put your best face forward

Let’s discuss how we can work together to outfit your site in a perfectly tailored and fresh new wardrobe.

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