Tests have shown that you can increase your conversion rate on a website or a link by 73% by the use of a compelling headline. The same idea goes for the copy you choose for each Twitter update you post. With all of our feeds filled with the same repetitive content, it’s important to find the secret sauce in standing out amongst the chatter.

#1. K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple (you know the rest)

Because Twitter only allows for 140 characters, it can be hard to create that perfect trifecta tweet that includes content, a link, and an image with such limited space. This is all the reason to simplify your Twitter content so your followers can immediately understand what you’re talking about. Further research on character length showed:

  • Dan Zarrella found that after looking at up to 1.4 million randomly selected tweets from 1.2 million different accounts – tweets between 100 and 115 characters were 34% more likely to be retweeted than tweets outside that range.
  • Adweek’s blog Social Times also found that their magic retweet number was ideally 120 characters or less to allow for maximum retweetability. – this gives followers 20 characters to play with when interacting with your content.
  • Mention recommended tweets that are 100 characters or less tend to get higher conversions. When you’re promoting a link, just write a brief intro – enough that the reader knows what to expect when they click through.

#2. Share a quote from your post

If you have a strong point in your blog post, use it as a teaser when promoting it on your twitter. This tells readers what the post is about and can entice them to click, engage or even share your content with others!

#3. Include images

Twitter has made a lot of really awesome advancements in regards to sharing visual content. Aside from the ability to include a featured image with the content you are sharing, Twitter also has an entire library of GIFs to keep your followers entertained and laughing throughout the day. Remember, emotions help connect with users and colorful imagery is a great way to help turn them into leads.

#4. Leverage #hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reach members of your industry that you’re still building relationships with as well as those who don’t follow you, just yet. The key to leveraging hashtags is to keep them relevant to the topic of your content and your brand – this will help increase brand visibility.

#5. Use @mention those when you can

If you quoted someone in your post or linked back to one of their original pieces of content, let them know when you share it on Twitter! This is a great way to build relationships with influencers and industry professionals who may help spread the word by sharing it on their own timeline. Everyone loves to get the credit they deserve so share the love and they may even start including you in their content!

If you’ve followed all these tips and have yet to see an increase in your twitter activity and following, you may want to consider using their paid advertising options. From promoted tweets to Twitter cards, there are many affordable ways to help expand the life of your tweets. If you’re looking for new connections, stop by and say hi to us on twitter @emagineusa!

Happy Tweeting!