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Innovating Your Marketing Strategy in the Digital Health Era

The digital health revolution is changing the way consumers are accessing and looking for information. From wireless devices and social networks, to the Internet and apps, consumers are armed with a world of information at their fingertips. This has empowered consumers to start taking control of their health plan and treatment options. Technology has opened the door for consumers to easily search for the best options for their medical needs influencing how biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical companies market their business.

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Quick Wins for When Your Website Fails at Lead Generation

Traditionally, websites were used as an online version of your company brochure. A place to read about the company, the leadership team, offerings and easily access contact information. Marketers didn’t intend for websites to add value to the business or impact sales. Simply having a website was enough. 

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Finding Your Creativity: How the Dog Got Me to Blog

WordCamp US 2016 was held in Philadelphia 12/2-12/4 – and will move on to another city in the U.S. next year – with emagine making the quest for the second year from our HQ in Massachusetts. A recap of the entire weekend is coming (so have no fear!), but today I’m going to fill you in on one talk that inspired me the most: “Finding Your Voice By Blogging” from Chris Lema.

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B2B Lead Generation Has Changed

For at least 10 years, I’ve been hearing that “cold calling is dead.” Now let me make something clear – until the day telephones are extinct, cold calling will never be dead.

Methinks the lady (who does not want to cold call) doth protest too much.


See, when something is hard to do and yields relatively little return in exchange for the effort, the easiest thing to do is just proclaim that activity as “dead”. I mean, announce its death to the world from mountaintops (or – Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn discussions, etc.). That’s what we’ve seen happen to Outbound Marketing over the past decade or so.