Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post sharing one of our department’s New Year’s Resolutions: to make time for team-building activities. Our hope was that by taking some time to prioritize team-building activities, we’d grow to be an even more efficient, communicative, productive group.

Now that it’s been a few months we wanted to post an update on all of our progress, and we’re happy to report that we’ve been making big strides. We’ve already had a few successful friendly competitions. For example, our latest competition helped us motivate each other to pass our Google Analytics and Adwords Certifications tests with flying colors.

On a more exciting note, however, four members of our department have signed up to participate in the Providence Color Run this September! If you haven’t heard of it before, this event is basically a 5k race during which colored paint is thrown all over the participants as they run.  Everyone comes to the race dressed in white, and then leaves the race covered in paint – sounds like the perfect team-building activity for our team of creative, competitive, digital marketing enthusiasts. Alicia, Hannah, Annamarie and I are all very excited for the race! We’re also not so secretly hoping that our Florida counterpart, Leah, will make a trip up north to join us. To help us prepare for the race, we’re planning on running together after work once a week (once the snow finally melts, that is).

This event is not only helping us bond as a team, but it’s also helping us all stay on track with our individual resolutions to create and maintain healthy habits. See, we’re being more efficient already!