Google Adwords is not what you call an easily navigable interface. There are multiple layers of tabs, hidden drop downs – Plus, new tools, options and bid simulators are always popping up unannounced, which can be overwhelming. While recent updates have improved user experience, new PPC marketers are likely to feel inundated logging into Adwords. Couple that with the fact that most campaigns are thrown up in a hurry with little to no strategic planning and big mistakes are sure to happen. A few things to avoid during your next rushed campaign launch.

Don’t run search and display campaigns

One of the most costly mistakes you can make is to choose the default setting during step 1 – Creating a new campaign. Be sure to separate your search and display campaigns as they require distinct strategies and should never use the same budget. It’s sad that Google tries to trick novice marketers by claiming it’s the “best opportunity.”

Be aware. Your search campaigns are automatically opted into Google’s search partners network. Unless you are under very strict budget constraints leave this as is until there’s enough data to assess its performance. After a month, segment your campaign data and compare results. If you need to remove the search partners network head to your settings and uncheck the box.

Don’t upload bulk keywords from the planner

The keyword planner is one of the handiest tools a digital marketer has. It provides search volume, estimated cost per click, and competition data for any keyword. Please use this tool with caution my fellow PPC friends! There are only a handful of times when it’s safe to upload keywords from the planner into your Adwords account. Be sure to hit the download icon not the save to account icon. Does anyone else think it’s funny how close these two icons are?

Don’t assume conversion code is tracking

When campaigns get thrown up fast, it’s easy to trust the developer and assume tracking is in place. Download Google Tag Assistant and confirm tracking is set prior to launch.

As a PPC Specialist, I recognize that a cohesive strategy is key, but I’ve also learned to expect the unexpected. Avoiding these three mistakes can ensure your next unplanned PPC campaign goes off without any surprises.