After exploring the initial phases of searching for a medical solution, we’ve finally reached the final decision-making stage.

At this point in the online journey, a patient or caregiver has done their homework. They’ve thoughtfully researched their symptoms and treatment options and are ready to commit to an appointment or consultation.

In this post, we’ll highlight a few ways your marketing team can optimize your healthcare website to help make choosing your organization effortless for new patients.

Strategically Utilize Call-to-Actions

Don’t underestimate the power of a seamlessly integrated call-to-action. CTAs are carefully worded buttons or links that should be integrated into your online content strategy. When done correctly, a highly qualified lead will convert (contact you or schedule an appointment) within the context of your regular website content.

For instance, following the flow of your webpage about living with diabetes, you might place a CTA that says, “Schedule a Consultation Today.” These conversion-drivers that ask users to schedule an appointment (or take an action) should be strategically placed on pages that are farther down the marketing funnel. CTAs that entice users to download an informational eBook or register for a webinar can be used when nurturing potential patients toward the decision-making stage.

With some thoughtful consideration, CTAs present your organization as being the best answer and solution to their problem, without appearing pushy.

Implement an Online Appointment Scheduler

Seeing as an individual has made it to this stage of the Digital Patient Journey, it’s only fitting that they can finalize their decision online as well. Use an online scheduling platform to make creating a new patient appointment simple for the user. This function is helpful for individuals, plus it creates a great landing page for your CTAs to link to.

If your CTAs simply point to a landing page with the phone number of your scheduling team, some users would likely not take that additional step to convert over the phone. An online scheduling tool will help further reduce the “friction” that keeps people from taking that final step toward becoming a new patient.

Online Chat Tools

Online chat is a great way to marry digital and human interaction. Giving website visitors the option to virtually connect instantly with a real person is a powerful marketing tool. While you likely won’t be able to give medical advice, your team can answer general questions about treatments your organization offers, affiliated providers, or insurance accepted.

A simple CTA to start chatting in the bottom right corner of your site is a great way not only to communicate directly with potential patients, but also to communicate to website visitors that you’re readily available to answer any questions they have.

Using these three online strategies, you can increase on-site conversions while providing state-of-the-art healthcare solutions. Has your team found the secret sauce for optimizing your website conversion rate? Share your tips in the comments below or reach out today to talk to a strategist about how we can help.