Earlier this week, we shared a post on measuring success of paid digital advertising campaigns and why it’s important to discuss business goals before campaign launch.

We know that strategically developing campaigns means results and ROI for our clients. Today we’re covering how to follow through and align campaign goals with overarching business objectives.

Reminder: Unbounce reported 98% of advertisers are wasting money on ads.

Oftentimes, aligning the strategy with overarching business objectives is skipped over for one reason or another. Urgency to launch new initiatives is a common one.

Maybe you haven’t discussed how a paid digital advertising strategy will support your business goals. Maybe you think you don’t have time for. Or maybe you’re moving way too fast and the conversation hasn’t even crossed your mind. As strategic digital marketing partner it’s our job to safeguard against this happening to our clients.

Determine how paid digital advertising goals align with business objectives

Determining how we’ll measure success of your paid digital advertising initiatives lays the foundation for taking the next step in planning – aligning goals with business objectives.

Prior to launching any new campaigns, it’s imperative to get on the same page. Here’s a scenario to put it in perspective:

We’re launching a campaign focused on a webinar. You (the client) might have one goal in mind for what you want to accomplish and a PPC Specialist might have another goal in mind based on experience with similar initiatives. A PPC Specialist would determine the goal and associated ROI is for people to register for the webinar. Meanwhile, you might want this campaign to influence action further down the sales funnel.

That means we need to talk about how you’re expecting leads to progress through the sales funnel so we know how to optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Doing something just because it’s the latest and greatest isn’t the best approach. During these conversations, we’ll advise on the potential ramifications of a specific initiative that you might not have considered – like shifting budget away from high performing campaign toward adequate budget for something new.

Launch and optimize successful paid digital advertising campaigns

You might say your goal is top of funnel leads (i.e. people filling out a form), but the results you really want are MQLs that fit very specific criteria. Without carving out time determine whether a specific initiative is going to directly affect your goals and objectives, you’re launching campaigns for the sake of launching campaigns.

Ask yourself: Does my paid digital advertising strategy align with your business goals?

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