If anyone is an avid reader of the emagine blog you are well aware that during New Years the digital marketing department, lead by our fearless leader Alicia Hale, made a couple of New Year’s resolutions. One of those resolutions included doing more team building activities, and on the heels of our trip to inbound several members of the team made good on their resolution to participate in The Color Run!

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What Is The Color Run?

The Color Run is a 5k road race, or 3.1 miles for those of us who don’t use the metric system. The object of the race is truly to have fun and they continue to make that message clear by using the hashtag #happiest5k, and it is! To keep it fun and family friendly there are two heats, one for those who want to run, and one for those who want to run, skip, walk or cartwheel. The race is also not timed, the announcer at the race stated, “Why would you want to rush a good thing?” immediately you then realize that this is a relaxed event with no pressure or competition, sigh of relief. The overall atmosphere was incredible. There was music to get everyone excited before and after the race and volunteers and strangers alike cheering you on all along the way. The best part? As you run there are sections where you run through volunteers throwing different colors on you as you pass them. The joy on everyone’s face from kids to adults as they danced in the poufs of colored dust makes you smile ear to ear. Who knew exercise could make you want to celebrate?!

A Personal Victory

I personally wrote a blog series back around the New Year as well about my personal New Year’s resolution of eating healthier and exercising more. The Color Run, when we signed up as a team in April, seemed like an incredible challenge for someone who was just beginning to get used to regular exercise and wasn’t completely sure they had ever ran a complete mile in their life let alone three! After some support from my emagine team and a little will power this run was actually a breeze and a complete joy.

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Have you ever competed in the Color Run? Have you made good on your New Year’s resolutions yet? Let us know!