YouTube is by far the most popular video channel on the Internet. With 4 billion videos served daily, how do you get your B2B videos seen by your target audience more than cats playing piano or babies laughing at the antics of their parents? Her are 7 ways to improve your presence on YouTube:

1. Make sure your channel name is meaningful and relevant to your business. Not only should you incorporate your brand, but any target keyphrases you use in SEO. And don’t confuse your channel name and channel title. You can edit your channel title in the channel settings, but you cannot edit your channel name. And, you channel title is an H1, which is a search engine friendly tag.

2. Utilize links and tags. You should include links to your website or blog both on the channel level, and in the description of each video. On the video level, make the links point to the most relevant page on your site for the topic of that video. It can be dismaying to always to linked to the homepage, and have to find a specific topic of interest all over again.

3. Use annotations. As mentioned in a previous post, annotations can be extremely helpful if used sparingly. It can positively impact subscribership. Using calls to action and links in the annotation, allow you to continue the relationship with the viewer.

4. Upload high quality videos. Videos with a low resolution is like wearing a dress with a dropping hem. Show you best features with high resolution.

5. Choose faces over pie charts. Studies show that content stickiness increases 40% when there is a human face on camera, as opposed to a product shot or a pie chart. Human presence also creates a sense of humanity and relationship with your viewer.

6. Less is more when it comes to video length. While YouTube does allow you to upload videos as long as 10 minutes, the average attention span for any video, be it entertainment or educational, is about 3 minutes. Use the video as an entree into a deeper look from a case study, whitepaper or article on your blog.

7. Related Videos can extend your brand reach. Every video you upload is eligible to be a video response to some video. Find some related videos in your niche and if appropriate, post a video response using one of your videos. You can create videos for your niche related to the trending videos and get a good number of eyeballs on your videos. Visit (YouTube’s official blog) to see the latest trending videos.