Your website is your online business lifeline and keeping it up-to-date, secure, and presentable is critical to saying alive in the competitive global world. Also, websites only have a shelf life of about 2-3 years before it’s time to redesign and re-strategize. Additionally, successful websites need room for growth to allow for continued success.

This may be something you’re already experiencing with your own website. Your traffic is increasing with quality visitors, your bounce rate is decreasing, conversions are not only increasing, but improving…sound familiar? Great! But now is the time to ensure you don’t let that momentum slow down. Below are a few signs that prove you’re ready to take your website to next level.

Increased traffic, leads, and conversions

While all of these are great benchmarks that every company strives to get to with their website, it can also be a sign to make sure your website is developed with enough scalability and flexibility to grow with the influx of traffic. This shows people are enjoying your website and following the journey you’ve laid out for them through strong calls-to-action and an easy-to-navigate structure. The last thing you want to do is have a website that crashes because of too many visitors or too much action.

Your bounce rate is improving

A high bounce rate indicates that when users visit your website, they don’t like what they see and they bounce right back to the search engine. But a low bounce rate indicates that users are interested in your website and the information you have to offer throughout. This is a sign that you need to continue finding ways to update, improve and refresh the content, pages, and information on the pages that your users are interacting with and enjoying. It may also give insight into ways to improve the other pages of your site that aren’t performing as well.

Just like the health of your physical body, prevention is key when keeping your website up-to-par. Keep these positive performance metrics improving by ensuring your website is able to sustain this exciting influx of action. Not sure how? Our maintenance team can help. Contact us now.