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Lunch + Learn: Website Optimization Process

This week, Sarah Kundel, VP of Web Maintenance and Support is recapping emagine’s kickoff Lunch + Learn session where we heard from two members of our Digital Marketing team, Chad Gourd and Jen Camara on their comprehensive website optimization process. 

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How to Crush Your Online Advertising Competition

Seeing your competitors skyrocket to the top of organic or paid search results can be ridiculously maddening. No matter where you go or what you search for, it seems like your competitors are right there taunting you, especially on the online advertising front. 

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How to Amp Up Your Online Advertising

The world of online advertising is competitive, to say the least. It’s fast-paced and it’s always changing. Marketers begin to feel like their PPC efforts aren’t making a positive impact – or any impact at all.

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SEO Predictions for 2016

What can we expect in 2016? Further importance of mobile, real-time Penguin updates, and more. Check out our blog to find out our SEO predictions for 2016.