A quick Google search will serve up plenty of articles and blog posts about what you should look for to have a successful relationship with your digital agency. A critical element of a great client/agency relationship is one that can’t be faked: chemistry. It’s organic and natural, leaving both sides thinking “this is the perfect fit.

So, the natural chemistry is there. Check. Now, how do you know your relationship with your digital agency is going to be everything you’ve dreamed of?

We’ve heard horror stories from prospective and current clients – and I’m sure some of you reading this have some of your own. Instead of sharing what to do (there’s plenty of that out there already), here’s what to avoid to make sure the relationship doesn’t go south.

What Your Digital Agency Shouldn’t Do

Go silent for an extended amount of time

Too often, clients don’t hear from their agency once the project is underway. Whether it’s a web design and development project, SEO initiative or a paid search campaign set up, constant communication throughout the duration of the project is critical to keeping everyone on track and finishing on time.

When an agency goes silent, it makes clients wonder, “are they giving my project the attention it needs?” and “what is the status of my project?”

Even if they are making progress, the silence is unnerving and the rabbit hole of doubt is imminent.

Ignore what the client wants/needs

You’re working with an agency because of their expertise, experience and your confidence in their capabilities. They are the pros; they do this stuff day in and day out. But, that doesn’t mean they know the nuances of your business or that they understand your goals as best as you do.

Collaboration and a healthy dose of pushback means your project benefits from your deep knowledge of your business objectives and your agency’s extensive experience and talent. An agency who ignores what you need and what you think is best is a recipe for disaster.

Incorrectly scope the project

Without fully understanding the complete scope of a project, it’s impossible to price it accurately. Some agencies will under scope projects so they can price low and get your business. Some simply won’t spend the time to scope properly because they’re too eager to seal the deal. Another recipe for disaster.

You’ll be thrilled to save money, but the outcome is a nightmare. When a project is under scoped, you can expect to be asked to dig back into your pockets to cover what you really need (and maybe even thought you were getting).

Disappear once the project is complete

The best use of your time and money is to build upon the work you and your agency have already done. It saves you from having to onboard a new agency, and pay for that time.

If the agency that designed and built your website goes MIA once it’s launched, you’ll be lost wondering where to turn when you have a question about certain functionality, need help managing the site or simply need someone to keep it updated and secure.

The same goes for other digital marketing efforts – SEO, PPC, Social Media. It’s cliché but true; it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Investing your time and money just to leave it all behind is, quite honestly, a waste.

Not just a one and done

Whoever you work with, we think it’s important to make sure they’re invested in the long-term success of your online presence – not just a one and done project.

As our Director of Project Management, Joanne D’adamo, says “Communication is the key to a working relationship and executing a successful project. Regularly, frequently, and efficiently. Project status, risks, critical path, and tracking to timeline.”

To that, I’ll add mutual respect and trust goes a long way and creates a solid foundation for the perfect client/agency relationship we’re all looking for.

If you’re searching for that perfect fit, reach out today to discover how we can be it.