Many B2B marketers are still weary of the social media world. They may be hesitant to jump in because they simply don’t know the correct strategy to execute or they just don’t believe it will benefit their business. However, the savvy B2B marketers know that although social media may not be their biggest “money maker”, it is crucial for brand awareness and thought leadership.

The Right Way to Use Social Media

Regardless of your industry or the market you’re trying to reach, there is a social network you can use that will benefit your business. The biggest misconception is the idea that you need to be on EVERY network. The reality? The more networks you’re on, the more you may be hurting your business. Follow these tactics to create a successful social media presence.


With the constant algorithm updates and changes for business pages, Facebook has started to lose its popularity. Unfortunately, this is one social network you can’t leave out. Think of your Facebook Fan Page as your second website. This is going to be the first place people look for updates, company information, hours, how to reach you, etc. Use this platform to showcase the ‘real-life’ side of your business. Announce new hires or awards, behind-the-scene moments, and events. Mix it up by posting new blog updates, white papers and press.


This is where the action is. With over 135,000 new users a day, there is always someone to talk to, connect with, share information or just see what’s going on. Share industry news from you or others, track the latest news with hashtags and follow other industry leaders to connect and gain insight. Hosting an event or webinar? Create custom hashtags that allow users who are unable to attend to join in on the conversation.


The power of Linked In for B2B is incredible. Because it is an industry-based network, you’re able to network with your personal page as well as your company page. Connect with others on your personal page and invite them to follow your company page. Have employees share updates from the company page to expand your reach even farther. If done correctly, Linked In could be a promising lead generator.


Videos are an effective way to showcase your brand and expertise in your industry. It’s also a great tool to use to distribute content by turning it into a webinar or tutorial. Add backlinks, comments, and calls to action to help increase your SEO rankings as well.


Captivate higher audiences with visual images that trace back to your content assets. Thumbnails, infographics and eye-popping images from your blogs, white papers, and press releases allow you to educate your audience in different views. Pinterest is also a great way to increase your SEO ranking as long as you link your images back to your site.


Another great branding tool, but like Facebook, won’t bring in many new clients or customers. For B2Bs, unless you have the strong visual content needed to keep your followers engaged, this network probably shouldn’t be highest on your priority list. The best Instagram posts are ones that capture “in-the-moment” scenes and relatable real-life experiences.

Always remember: social media is not one size fits all. What works for one company may not work for yours (and vise versa). Find which channels reaches your target market the best and utilize that one to your highest potential. You do not need to be on every social network. Also, make sure you always follow these 10 Commandments of Social Media!