At emagine, we work with a diverse group of industries. Most recently, our portfolio has been quickly filling up with more and more healthcare WordPress web designs. Check out the healthcare web design work our creative team has recently delivered below.

Svelte Medical Systems

Engaged in the design and development of highly deliverable balloon expandable stents since its founding in 2007, Svelte Medical Systems is dedicated to redefining the approach to coronary stenting. From concept through commercialization, Svelte technologies are purposefully designed to combine state-of-the-art performance with procedural efficiency, yielding highly differentiated products with benefits unlike any other drug-eluting stent (DES).

Healthcare WordPress Web Design

Updating Svelte Medical Systems online presence meant more than providing a fresh coat of paint. We developed an informative online platform that allows users to intuitively navigate the site and keep in touch with all constituents of the modern healthcare environment – patients, physicians, and payers. We took the time to create customized, intelligently designed solutions to allow versatile, friendly usability while meeting the policies that healthcare websites require. Our digital marketing team provided best practices for SEO to help increase search engine visibility.

Blueprint Medicines – Together with Systemic Mastocystosis  

Healthcare WordPress Web Design

Blueprint Medicines came to us to help create a social awareness platform for Systemic Mastocytosis with a specific launch date. Our team deliver this healthcare WordPress website just in time and made sure it was responsive for all users.

Cydan Development, Inc.

Cydan is focused on accelerating impactful therapies for people with rare genetic diseases. Advances in the molecular understanding of rare disease biology have created an unprecedented opportunity to advance innovative new ideas and new therapies into treatments that will address the underlying cause or pathology of a rare disease. Their goal is to develop therapies that change the lives of people living with rare genetic diseases.

Healthcare WordPress Web Design

With a super-tight turn around, the emagine team cranked this site out just in time for Rare Disease Day on February 29th. We helped turn this healthcare WordPress site into an attractive, easy-to-use platform for both front and back users. We also ensured their new site is responsive to adapt to all the viewing screens their users prefer.

SpaceOAR – Augmenix  

Augmenix developed the SpaceOAR® System, an absorbable hydrogel that temporarily moves the rectum away from the prostate and the high intensity radiation zone. Augmenix is focused on improving the outcomes of radiotherapy through the use of absorbable hydrogels. The company is using this technology to develop products that decrease unintended radiation damage to normal organs during radiation therapy and to mark soft tissue.

Healthcare WordPress Web Design

emagine’s strategy, research, and iterative process produced a compelling online identity that speaks directly to audiences seeking to reduce treatment side effects. This identity fosters brand consistency by directly influencing all future design and functionality decisions made throughout the website and print collateral. We created an intuitive, compelling website focused on user experience and on providing safe, relevant high-quality information for their visitors in need.

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