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"2016" Written in White on a Road

SEO Predictions for 2016

What can we expect in 2016? Further importance of mobile, real-time Penguin updates, and more. Check out our blog to find out our SEO predictions for 2016.

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Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Has Changed

For at least 10 years, I’ve been hearing that “cold calling is dead.” Now let me make something clear – until the day telephones are extinct, cold calling will never be dead.

Methinks the lady (who does not want to cold call) doth protest too much.


See, when something is hard to do and yields relatively little return in exchange for the effort, the easiest thing to do is just proclaim that activity as “dead”. I mean, announce its death to the world from mountaintops (or – Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn discussions, etc.). That’s what we’ve seen happen to Outbound Marketing over the past decade or so.

WordCamp Recap

WordCamp Miami 2015 Recap

As our very first WordCamp conference, we felt both excited and nervous to attend, as we weren’t really sure what to expect. However, the experience, insights and new relationships we left with that weekend were more than we could ever “emagine”.